Northeastern middler invents drinking game app

By Brenda Maguire, News Correspondent

It’s Saturday night. A movie has been chosen and the drinks have been made. The only thing left to do: Pick a drinking game.

Middler business entrepreneurship major Sean Casto can help. His pop culture-infused drinking game iPhone application, Drink TV, debuted on iTunes Jan. 28.

“I figured it would be a good thing to have with friends at your apartment or parties or even to create a party using the app. I think it’s a kind of typical college student thing to do,” Casto said.

Drink TV is the newest addition to Casto’s company, Rummagers Group, which already has six websites. The sites are all called “Top Played,” and each site is a database of the most popular games, songs, videos, movies, news and sports on the web.

Drink TV costs 99 cents on iTunes and includes drinking games for over 100 movies and over 35 TV shows, Casto said.

Users can search for favorite TV shows by name or search by network and time slot so they can drink to whatever is on. It’s as simple as clicking on the title of the show and reading when to drink and how many drinks to take.

For “Jersey Shore” fans, take three drinks every time Pauly D talks about his hair gel. While watching “How I Met Your Mother,” drink whenever Barney says the word legendary. And for “The Office” regulars, drink any time someone says the popular phrase,“That’s what she said.”

The app also includes an option to submit a game, which can be e-mailed directly to Casto for his approval. He said he plans to update the app as often as possible.

Casto said his favorites are the games for “How I Met Your Mother” and “Old School,” his favorite show and movie, respectively.

“I’ve had a few friends play it already and they’ve told me multiple times that you have to take that one with a grain of salt,” said Casto, who warns that the “How I Met Your Mother” game will get players really drunk.

Casto said the app has been downloaded much more than he anticipated. He said it’s popularity is not only in the United States but also in the United Kingdom and Australia. He promotes the app using Facebook ads.

“I was pretty fortunate it came out on a Friday and it was on the first page within the entertainment category for the entire weekend,” said Casto. “So I actually did pretty well on the first weekend it was open.”

Casto said he created the majority of the games on Drink TV himself, with the help of some friends; others he said were adapted from websites and Facebook pages. He said there are no copyright issues with this because everything was adapted and put into his own words.

People can find drinking games simply by using Google, but Casto said the app is worth it.

“It’s convenient,” Casto said. “It’s also the ultimate database. Again, I have games and movies and TV shows that you won’t find anywhere else. They’re customized and the database is pretty big and it’s constantly growing.”

After seeing the app, senior psychology major Nicole Betz said she’d be interested in buying it.
“I think this is a cool app because I could use it at parties,” she said. “I’m really excited to play the ‘It’s Always Sunny [in Philadelphia]’ game.”

Kim Zolla, a junior international affairs major, does not have a smart phone, but said she would buy the app otherwise if it wasn’t for one flaw.

“They don’t have a Bourne [movie series] game, which I would have liked, but I like how it has a lot of shows that college kids actually watch,” she said.

Casto said his next project is to create a similar app for sports drinking games.

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