Amity Primary Center students learn about different vehicles

Photo by Brenda Maguire

By Brenda Maguire
News Writer

Students at the Amity Primary Center in the Daniel Boone Area School District took part in the sixth annual Transportation Day May 23 as part of their “Things That Go” unit.

“We’re really big on hands-on experiences and real life experiences. Having the kids see these up close and learn all of the different parts to all of these vehicles is really important to back-up what we’re teaching in the classroom,” said Kim Murgitroyde, the kindergarten teacher who organized the event. “We can actually see them up-close, they’re not just in a book.”

Each grade got a chance to take their turn walking around and looking at the vehicles that were brought to the school by volunteers.

“We enlist the help of all the parents,” explained Murgitroyde. “Everyone is either parents or grandparents, except for the fire trucks and the police car. Those were enlisted by a parent, though.”

The Monarch Fire Company and the Amity Fire Company each brought a fire truck. Students got a chance to look inside the compartments on the outside of the truck, which held hoses and other equipment.

The Amity Township Police Department also provided a police car. Students were given the chance to sit in the drivers seat and to hear the siren.

A digger truck was provided by Windstream Communications at the event.  A Windstream representative gave each group of students a demonstration on how the digger works.

Three cars were on display for the students: a Dodge Ram, a Dodge Challenger and a Chevrolet Chevelle. Students were able to look inside and under the hood of the Challenger and Chevelle.

Tom Wisler showed off his one of a kind motorcycle and Steve Deihm brought his wave runner.

Solid Rock Landscaping and Charles Harley each provided a tractor for the event. Students got the chance to sit on Harley’s tractor and see the engine.

Paul Samogyi’s Auto Towing and Repair and Willie’s Towing showed tow trucks to the students.

A Harley-Davidson motorcycle, an ambulance and a helicopter were unable to be displayed  after the event was postponed due to weather.

Leading up to the event, the students at the Amity Primary Center did units on transportation.

“I can speak from kindergarten. We took a whole unit and learned about trains, boats, trucks and cars,” said Murgitroyde. “Basically, they learned what their use is, how they take people from place to place, how they help our society and what they can do with these different forms of transportation.”

Murgitroyde believes the digger was the favorite amongst the students.

“Anything that makes loud noises or moves is usually a really big thing for the kids,” she said.

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