Warm the Children past halfway point

By Brenda Maguire

NEW BRITAIN— The Warm the Children campaign lingered just past the halfway point to its goal with a total of $28,766, and as the winter months approach, the campaign is asking for donations to help reach the goal of $50,000.

Donations will be used to purchase new winter clothing such as jackets, hats and gloves for children in New Britain who come from low-income families.

Lucy Pavano of Plainville has been contributing to the campaign since it started eight years ago.

“I feel for the children. They need warm clothing,” she said. “I help as much as I can.”

Marjorie Gaffney’s husband had been giving to the campaign since it started, and after he passed away, she decided to continue his tradition of giving.

“The people that live in our town need help and we should help them as much as we can, especially the children,” said Gaffney, a New Britain resident.

Adrien Leclerc of New Britain has been donating to Warm the Children ever since he heard about it around three years ago. He said he gives to the campaign because there is no overhead and all of the money donated goes towards purchasing the clothing for children. “Give whatever you can because every penny goes to them,” he said. “You give $50 and the kids will get $50 worth of stuff.”

Pavano would urge people to give to the campaign because, “The children need to be warm and need clothing.”

Gaffney is proud to give a donation to Warm the Children, “It’s one of the most worthwhile in our town.”

To help Warm the Children reach its goal, donations can be sent to Warm the Children, 1 Court St., New Britain, CT 06051, along with the volunteer shopper form.

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