Grandparents’ Day at Honey Brook Elementary Center

By Brenda Maguire
For Journal Register News Service

It was a gathering of young and old on Friday, May 25, when Honey Brook Elementary Center held its Grandparents’ Day. The school has held the event every year for over 16 years as a way for kids to celebrate their grandparents.

“Grandparents are very special people,” said Principal Jamie Whye.

This year, over 500 grandparents came to the event some traveling as far as from North Carolina and Florida. One grandparent even came down from Canada.

“A lot of families since it’s a long weekend are staying the weekend,” Whye said.

The day started in the gym with a performance of songs led by Matt Gambler, the music teacher.

The fourth grade students kicked off the assembly by singing “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Each grade took the stage to sing other songs ranging from “Camptown Races” to “Peanut Butter” to two songs in Japanese.

Third and fourth grade students even got a chance to show off what they have learned on the recorder.

“It takes everybody in the school to work together,” Whye said about putting the event together, noting that Gambler puts in the most work for the day.

Mary O’Donnell, who came from Downingtown to see her six-year-old grandson, enjoyed the assembly, noting that her favorite part was watching the kindergarteners sing “Chop, Chop, Chippity Chop.”

Following the assembly, students took their grandparents back to the classroom for special activities, which included Grandparents’ Day worksheets, word searches, more songs and snacks.

“I’m thrilled. I’m excited. It’s my first experience. I only have one grandchild,” said O’Donnell. “He’s very special.”

O’Donnell’s grandson, Paul Colombo, was just as thrilled to have his grandmother spending he day with him.

“I’m happy,” he said.

Colombo also talked about why he loves his grandmother.

“She gives me gum. I like gum,” Colombo said.

Colombo also enjoys searching for Big Foot with his grandmother.

“He’s scary and hairy,” he said. “I bring fake guns with me and then we find clues.”

Grandparents’ Day was held on an early dismissal day so that students could go home with their grandparents and spend the rest of the day together.

“The best part is to see the love between the grandparents and grandchildren and to remember how important it is to have generations supporting each other as a community,” Whye said. “Everyone finds this to be a special day.”

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