TVEC Students Shine at Evening of the Arts

Photo by Brenda Maguire
Photo by Brenda Maguire

By Brenda Maguire
For 21st Century Media

On Tuesday, May 21, art and music joined forces in the Twin Valley Elementary Center’s Evening of the Arts.

“It’s a culmination of a year of work. It’s a collaboration of the art and music department to show how creative and artistic the children at TVEC are,” said music teacher Melissa Ebling.

The night included 1,000 piece of student artwork on display varying in medium and skills students have gained over the school year.

The theme of the art show was “The Earth without Art is just ‘Eh!’”

The children of Twin Valley Elementary Center performing as part of the ‘Evening of the Arts’ event which was held at the school on the evening of May 21, 2013.

A slideshow of many different pieces of art that was on display at the Twin Valley Elementary Center’s ‘Evening of the Arts’, a celebration of art and music which took place on May 21, 2013.

“It’s a way to show off everything they’ve done this year and how it connects to what they’ve learned this year,” said art teacher Meghan LeClair.

LeClair gives each of her students the chance to pick two pieces of their work to show off in the show.

For kindergarten student Anthony Chrisi the piece he was most excited to show was one in which his face was imposed on a character from “The Cat in the Hat.” Chrisi chose this piece because, “I worked hard on it.”

“It’s exciting to see what he’s been doing in school all year and the other projects he’ll be doing through his schooling,” said Anthony’s mother, Cathy.

Brooke Allan, another kindergarten student, chose a piece depicting a city with a large monster in it to be shown.

“It’s fun,” said Brooke’s mother Amy. “It’s neat to see what they’ve been doing in art class all year.”

LeClair couldn’t be more pleased with her student’s work.

“It’s a really proud night for everyone,” she said, adding that the pieces shown were “phenomenal artwork” and “beyond what’s expected of elementary school students.”

Principal Craig Sell added, “The pieces are absolutely incredible.”

Photo by Brenda Maguire
Photo by Brenda Maguire

The night also features a music portion through the musical concert entitled “Americans We”. The third graders started off the show singing the “Battle Hymn of Gettysburg” followed by “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again” on the recorder.

See a video of some of the performances here:

The American theme to the concert reflects the curriculum from the school year as the students were taught early American history and the songs performed were inspired by the Gettysburg address, The Declaration of the United States and the foundations that America were built upon.

“Students don’t always have tangible work from the music room, so tonight shows what they’ve been learning,” Ebling said. “It’s a proud moment for me as a teacher to see them achieve and excel so much.

The fourth grade chorus performed songs ranging from “America We” to “Once Nation” while the fourth grade band dazzled the crown with “You’re A Grand Old Flag” and “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

Over 150 students performed in the musical concert.

“It means a lot to come together as a community and support the arts,” Sell said, adding, “Arts are a very important part to the education.”

LeClair noted that the annual Evening of the Arts is a highlight of every school year, and at times in the night she even tears up a little.

“Seeing the pride on the students faces as they show their work,” she said, “it’s emotional.”

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