Best of NU: Sports Moment

After three games of smash-mouth hockey and 106 combined penalty minutes, the men’s hockey team punched its ticket to the Hockey East semi-finals after winning a best of three series with cross-town rival, Boston University. “It was a hard-fought series with a lot of bad blood between us,” sophomore defenseman Drew Ellement said. “We reliedContinue reading “Best of NU: Sports Moment”

Best of NU: Dunkin’ Donuts

The alarm is going off. It’s 7:30 a.m., and it’s almost time for that 8 a.m. class every Northeastern student dreads. There is just one thing to do first. Shower? No. Eat? No. Coffee? Yes, please. There are plenty of options for coffee on campus, but Northeastern students voted Dunkin’ Donuts as No. 1. BetweenContinue reading “Best of NU: Dunkin’ Donuts”

MFA shares silent dialogue of Japanese tea customs

By Brenda Maguire, News Correspondent The exhibit is very small, quaint and simple. Even though it looks sparse, this is actually the most appropriate way to showcase a Japanese tea ceremony known as chanoyu. Japan might be a little too far to travel for tea, but Northeastern students can walk a few blocks to experienceContinue reading “MFA shares silent dialogue of Japanese tea customs”

NU Bands Spotlight: Jet Black Sunrise

By Brenda Maguire, News Correspondent Just a few weeks ago, rock indie/pop band Jet Black Sunrise played in WRBB’s Battle of the Bands, where they performed original songs such as “Falling” and “Fire Escape.” While on stage, they danced and goofed around, even performing Cee Lo Green’s “[Expletive] you,” where they traded instruments and rockedContinue reading “NU Bands Spotlight: Jet Black Sunrise”

NU Professor featured at Kingston Gallery

By Brenda Maguire, News Correspondent Sophia Ainslie is usually the one giving instruction while she teaches her art classes. But on Monday, gallery curator James Hull directed Ainslie instead, while her students set up her art exhibit. Ainslie, a professor in the Department of Art + Design at Northeastern, will be featured at the KingstonContinue reading “NU Professor featured at Kingston Gallery”

iPod Ambush

By Brenda Maguire, News Correspondent As part of an occasional series, The News ambushed unsuspecting students and demanded they justify the songs that played when their iPods were put on shuffle, however embarrassing. Here are the results. Photos by Brenda Maguire Maya Richards, freshman, undeclared “Invade my Soul” by Mumford and Sons “I like theContinue reading “iPod Ambush”

Northeastern middler invents drinking game app

By Brenda Maguire, News Correspondent It’s Saturday night. A movie has been chosen and the drinks have been made. The only thing left to do: Pick a drinking game. Middler business entrepreneurship major Sean Casto can help. His pop culture-infused drinking game iPhone application, Drink TV, debuted on iTunes Jan. 28. “I figured it wouldContinue reading “Northeastern middler invents drinking game app”

MIT shows off 150 years of innovation

By Brenda Maguire, News Correspondent Musical stairs feel like they would lead to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, or maybe Pee-wee’s Playhouse. But these musical stairs lead to the MIT 150 Exhibition at the university’s museum. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is celebrating 150 years at the MIT Museum with an exhibit in the Thomas Peterson ’57Continue reading “MIT shows off 150 years of innovation”