Dupont Archives looks to expand already-booming facility

By Brenda Maguire

BRISTOL — In 1998, Don Dupont added Dupont Archives, a record storage company, to Dupont Systems, his shelving systems company. When Dupont Archives was added, the company was run on High Street in New Britain in a space that was 120,000 cubic feet.

Thirteen years later, Dupont Archives and Systems now runs out of Bristol in a 1.2 million-cubic-foot building with the intentions of expanding in the near future.

When the archive company was first added, there was an estimated 10-1 ratio of revenue, with the filing systems having the upper hand. Now, the ratio is 2-1 in favor of the archives.

Over the last two years, since the company moved to Bristol, they saw a 21.8 percent increase in revenue in 2009-2010 and a 27.4 percent increase in revenue in 2010-2011. Dupont Archives moved into the new building in January 2010. Last July, the companies consolidated and moved Dupont Systems into the facility.

“This building has done wonders for us,” said Ken Dupont, general manager of Dupont Archives and brother of Don Dupont. “Since we’ve constructed this facility, we just moved in, and we’re already looking at expansion.”

The company already has a five acre lot which will be used for a second storage area. The current storage building was titled “Building B,” because they already knew they would be building the second area, which will be called “Building A,” due to it’s placement in relation to the first building.

The rows in the current storage room start at “Row 8,” with the intentions of building rows 1-7 in the near future. The loading dock and lift were positioned so that they can be utilized by both buildings.

Dupont Archives and Systems has 17 employees and 800 to 1,000 customers, which are mostly businesses.

The company stores documents such as: medical, legal, manufactory, insurance, financial and banking records, along with blueprints and x-rays. The boxes are not organized in any specific way, but are tracked by a barcode system.

Dupont Archives also offers document recovery, document destruction and is the home to the only state approved vault.

Safety of all documents is insured with sprinklers on every level, multiple security cameras and motion detectors.

“From a security standpoint, everything is card swipe access,” said Dupont. “When you come in, everyone is IDed before you’re granted access.”

Dupont Systems installs shelving units for clients, such as lawyers, police departments and government entities. The shelving units are all used to maximize as much space as possible for the clients. For the most part, Dupont Systems installs the shelving; however they also will stock the shelves for some clients.

Brian Paul, senior account manager, predicts the company will continue growing because, “Paper is not going away.”

For more information about Dupont Archives and Systems go to or call (800) 684-6653.

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