Warm the Children extends referral time

By Brenda Maguire

NEW BRITAN — For the Warm the Children Campaign, snow is not only the reason to purchase the clothing for children, but also a reason to extend the program.

Following the rare October snowstorm, Warm the Children Coordinator Mark Bernacki has decided to push back dates of the program in order to make up for the week that was lost.

The social workers in the New Britain School District and at the Head Start program at the Human Resources Agency will now have an extra week to refer needy children to the program.

“I think it just delayed us because school was out for one week, so the social workers didn’t have time to get their stuff together,” he said.

Refer-rals from social workers will now be accepted through November 30.

“That’s good. That’s helpful,” said Marie Field, a school social worker, upon finding out about the new date.

Field said she rushed to submit referrals for 21 families to complete her referrals, but now with the extra time she may be able to refer more children to the program.

“Teachers have sent some of these forms home to parents,” she said. “It’ll give the parents more time to fill out the forms.”

The children chosen, and any sibling they have under the age of 16, will be set up with volunteer shoppers who will take them out to purchase jackets, gloves, hats, scarves or any other winter clothing they need. Shopping will now begin the first or second week of December.

Warm the Children is still looking for donations to add to the current total of $30,164 to reach the goal of $40,000.

To help Warm the Children reach its goal donations can be sent to Warm the Children, 1 Court St., New Britain, CT 06051, along with the volunteer shopper form.

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